More of the Macclesfield You Want

    Progress on the Town Centre Development

    Revitalising Town Centre services and amenities to prevent the attack on our greenbelt.

    Restore Employment Rights

    Strengthening rights at work, making sure new jobs are good jobs and end the race to the bottom in pay, conditions and job security.

    High Quality Accessible Childcare

    A comprehensive system of childcare and provision for children from age one, available to all parents to remove barriers to work and training.

    A Macclesfield Open To The World

    Keeping our strong economic links to Europe and opportunities for people in Macclesfield to travel and do business.

    Provision of a dedicated Mental Health Service

    Mental wellbeing affects everyone, open access to counselling and support where it is needed.

    More Activity Across the Area

    Support for Clubs & Societies to build facilities and run events to make us feel healthier and happier.

Your Hospital

Safeguarding Our Health Services

I will campaign to safeguard Macclesfield Hospital. Ensuring vital services like Maternity and A&E stay open. Integrating social care into the NHS so our most vulnerable people are not left without access to care or services.

Your Schools

Stop Threats to School Funding

Taking pride in the excellent schools we have so children love learning. Valuing teachers and support staff and the importance of face-to-face learning. A square meal every day for children, leading to better attention and behaviour.

Your Town

The Resources to Create a Thriving Economy

Support for local businesses and the self employed with access to lending from new national and regional banks. A costed strategy for a high-skilled, high-tech, low carbon economy. Help to re-train people ready for the challenges of automation, climate change and Brexit.

Your Local Candidate

Growing up in Macclesfield, I see how our area has developed and understand the challenges we face. Working for a small business at the Alderley Science Park Biohub supporting new startup enterprises, I see how our community can be the catalyst for the changes it wants and needs.

Your Town. Your Say.

Bring a brighter politics to the town: let’s focus on making Macclesfield town centre liveable and accessible to all. End the attacks on our valuable green space. Increase Macctivity with greater support for groups and communities to build facilities and run events across the area.

Your Hospital. Your Care. Your Schools. Your Future Success.

7 years of Austerity has been expensive: cuts have hit our savings and left Britain more in debt. Labour can prove we care for our NHS and education. We will offer costed solutions that improve our everyday lives: high quality childcare so parents can work, integrated aftercare so our most vulnerable are not left in expensive Hospital beds, an end to means-tested bureaucracies denying children a square meal. A full stop to the huge cuts to our brilliant schools in Cheshire due in 2017.

Your Representative. No empty letters without real action.

I will stand up for the whole area in Parliament to bring good quality jobs, and a decent price on products to end rural poverty. The return of our rights that protects us in work. New local banks that lends to self-employed and small businesses with ideas and initiative, and I will support for necessary re-training and upgrading so farms and industry can prepare for Automation, Climate Change & Brexit.

A vote that counts. I am your local candidate.